First of all, DON'T SIGN ANYTHING! DON'T even think of give the bastards at GOLDS GYM your credit card or check number (if you did, you need to cancel the card or change checking accounts and declare bankruptcy if at all possible)- BUT FIRST be sure to do your homework, cause the contract you signed prolly will leave you liable for their legal fees after they to attach assets and take you to court. 

Forget anything they might have told you verbally - these folks play hardball and you are so screwed if you sign a contract. 60 minutes needs to do a report on these guys! The only professionalism they exhibit is their ability to scam unwitting potential customers into signing $3,000 contracts. Fortunately, I asked the right questions and I didn't sign anything- BUT the personal trainer time a well meaning friend of mine paid for is money handed to Golds Gym with absolutely no products or services provided by them; they weren't told it did not include use of facilities.

And I just have to ask- when you signed up, WHAT WERE YOU THINKING ANYWAY? I saw treadmills and stair machines there- please explain to me-

  1. Why did you pay money for something you can just do in town for free? Go walk up an down stairs, or run up the hills in town and get the same results.
  3. Remember, GOLDS Gym provides a service that nobody actually really needs
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Let's work together to help warn others if you think GOLDS GYM is a rip-off!

If you had a similar issue with Golds gym, email me a details (include location) for this website right away and I'll ad it as a warning to others. Be sure to include the names of anyone you dealt with there, and the location of the Golds Gym involved. If YOU don't tell the world  about how much they cost you, no one else is gonna!

Former Golds Gym employees- Please email me with any details of "Golds Gym operating procedures that will help us counter attempts by these guys to bill unsuspecting potential customers. email me a details (include location) If you got ripped off by Golds Gym, please email me your story to help document their business practices to warn others. email me a details (include location)
If you successfully fought off Golds Gym's attempts to bill you for gym use, please email me your story so we'll know how you did it. email me a details (include location) If you know of Anti-Golds Gym organizations, of any consumer watchdogs who have successfully helped those scammed by Golds Gym, please email us information so we know to compare notes with them. email me a details (include location)
If anyone on this list thinking of joining or even using Golds Gym, DON'T!
A good friend of mine paid over $265 for 5 personal trainer sessions at GOLDS GYM in Staunton, VA, and when I went there, I almost got roped into a $3,000 contract there. When I questioned it, they said a year (at over $1,100) is  shortest time they offer. They are nothing but an enormous Rip-off Scam.
The technique they use to get you to sign a contract involves showing a small snippet of a contract on the monitor and trying to get you to initial and sign on a little electronic signature pad thingy without giving you a hard copy of the contract first.
Watch out and please spread the word! Here's a few responses I got so far from those who made the mistake of joining Golds Gym so far. 

I hope you find this website helpful and it helps keep you from having the trouble with them that many others did. No go out and run up and down some stairs, or buy a set of Wal-mart Barbells and get moving. And buy a few sets of shirts a size too small so they run against your tummy on the way to the fridge and remind you to STAY A LITTLE HUNGRY all the time. Best of luck.


Sounds pretty similar to a Bally's I went to in Dallas, many years ago.
    And kind of like tanning salons.
    I think establishments like that try to creatively trick people into some outrageous contract because they know that provide a service that nobody actually really needs.

I have found the same to be true...they give you the introductory rate and try hard to get you to not look at the small print...then they ask for your banking info to get a direct draft from your account to pay their monthly fees...It has "scammish" overtones no doubt.
'Rob G

They have really crappy contracts. Whatever you do... don't ever try to cancel with them. I canceled my membership with them once and they kept charging my card for another YEAR! It took me a while to figure out they were still charging me and I never got reimbursed. I think the best gyms are the month-to-months or no-contract gyms. You may have a one time fee up front, but it will be less than any cancellation hassle you  may have to go through with the 12 month or 2 years.

Gold's is Hand's down the worst gym I've ever belonged to. They will definitely keep charging your card and they'll ding you for the entire amount remaining on your contract if you try to break it. 

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