Closest Tandem Skydiving place to MD, DC Northern Virginia 
in Orange, Virginia with a 22- jumper airplane.


Orange County Skydiving Gift Certificates


Skydive Orange Inc Skydiving Club
Since 1979, our humble little skydiving club has been here at this airport.


Tandem Skydiving- Orange County gift certificates - the answer to your holiday gift buying decisions!


Directions to Skydive Orange in Orange County, Virginia

Northern Virginia and DC Area Skydiving at Skydive Orange Tandem by Lambert - Marilyn Eames
One-day tandem skydive! DC, NOVA and Maryland skydiving professionals come here for our 22-jumper airplane, and once they make their first tandem skydive, DC skydiving first timers fall in love with Skydive Orange and keep coming back for more advanced instruction in skydiving. NOVA skydiving enthusiasts make Skydive Orange their home drop zone for lots of good reasons. Why not check Washington DC skydiving's premiere drop zone's website and see for yourself?
Skydive Orange is the closest skydiving certification center to NOVA/Washington, D.C. One-day first tandem skydiving serving DC, NOVA and all of Virginia and Maryland. Skydiving gift certificates available. Weather permitting, we jump from 13,500 feet, which provides a much longer freefall than many other operations that exit at a lower altitude.

We use only state-of-the-art skydiving equipment and have one of the largest, most comfortable jump planes in the Mid-Atlantic. Come see why thousands of experienced skydivers and students alike choose our drop zone over others every year.

Tandem Skydive in Virginia, Maryland and Washington, DC

So look at Washington DC skydiving's premiere drop zone's website and see for yourself!  And buy a tandem skydiving gift certificate for that certain someone!